Another Day at the Office!

chilling at the beach

Watching Sunset, BBQ’in, and enjoying good company!

They say that a picture says a 1000 words, not to worry I won’t bore you with nearly that many!  I have been fortunate enough to get to travel a bit, and my favorite spot is right here, literally, on this beach.  Keawakapu Beach sits right below my parents house and as big as it is you would think that more people would be here, yet this is typical of a busy afternoon!   I expect to retire at this spot, growing old sitting here drinking some Maui Brewing Company Beer, bbq’ing some fresh Ahi or Ono.  Simple things really appeal to me!  Play golf with the fam, relax at house for a bit, pack up the kids, the cooler, and the chairs and sit here and watch the tourists get pile driven into the sand by the waves that roll into the shore.

The beauty of being in a business that does not require your every day presence is you can wake up early in the morning, grab the laptop, a couple rockstars, the paper (yes I still read it, ironic since i have the laptop in my hands as well), and sit on the beach and “work” for a few hours!  Wife and kids won’t be up for a few hours, so some quiet time, on the beach, alone, and did I mention quiet!

Someday I will come back to retire here, guess i have to put my kids through college or something, guess that’s the deal I signed up for!  Must have been intoxicated when I signed that deal!  Let’s just hope they are much smarter than I and maybe just maybe they will get scholarships and I will skate free of the ridiculous cost of higher education!  For a brief second I had wished that I was home so I could go watch the Open at Olympic, but then I was handed another beer and I continued playing Beach Bocci.  How quickly that thought left my mind!  SF, see you soon.





The Lil One

I was recently at my daughter’s Gymboree class and found that little kids have amazing will!  She has not crawled prior to this day, I suppose you could say that she “inch worms” around, and has a great way of getting around by simply rolling over a few times!  On this day, however, no rolling, just good ole fashion army crawl!  She was fixated on the napkin that I dropped out of my pocket unintentionally and she started crawling!  She stopped a few times, looked at me, looked at the napkin, and started going again.  As if to say “Can I make it?” and she did, and she was happier than could be!


I started looking around at the other kids in the class and it seemed to be a common theme.  I sat there that day and I thought to myself how do people lose this motivation to achieve?  I am probably victim to this, as I assume are most, and I just wonder at what point did we all forget this emotion?  I looked at my wife and i said “She never gives up, does she?”  Her response was a bit odd given the moment and the fact that I had not said a word until that point but she simply said “She can’t, she doesn’t know how to.”  I guess it is our job as parents to keep this mentality present in their lives and more so in our own lives to lead by example.  With that, I guess I have to be more aggressive in my dreams.  How can I give up on my dreams  and teach my daughters how to give up?  Perseverance is being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint.  I have to remember that, and I am not sure I will forget this day for some time!




I’m Back!!!

Been almost a year since my last blog!  Not sure really what happen, I was on a roll!!  Oh wait, I had another baby girl that’s right!  Amazing how life gets in the way!  This morning I went to the driving range, yes more or less playing hookie from work but when you are your own boss you get that luxury!  I sort of rekindled my love for Golf…not that I ever lost it, maybe just the time it took to play took away from the quality family time that I love so much.  However this morning I had thoughts of golf greatness…I was never over the top good at golf, but always been “naturally gifted” at the game.  Not to toot my own horn just the facts, I can count the lessons I have taken on one hand and I can not play for 6 months and still keep it in the 70’s.  I guess part of me regrets not getting more focused on Golf when i was younger, maybe just maybe I would be playing at the Open in a few weeks and not my ole’ Friend Kirk Nelson, or TJ Duncan – Good luck boys this week at Lake Merced btw!

I hit about 500 balls this morning, and could have hit 5000 the way i was striking the ball…as a golfer you get into a zone and the balls just pop off the club face, i was moving balls at will, left to right, right to left, punch, flop, stinger, low cut, high fade, low hook, high draw – and to a target!  I didn’t want to leave, alas I walked over to the putting green and reality sunk in – I still can’t putt!

What are you complaining about…seriously!?!

This guy looks pissed doesnt he???

Now when you first look at this picture you might think to yourself “What The F*#@”…Almost as if this Sheep is saying leave me alone baaaaa, I am busy baaaaa, I am locked in a Zoo baaaaa how about you try and sit here for hours, days, and months baaaaa. 

I took my family to the Zoo, then to a local Park to feed the animals.  I thought that, although very entertaining and something to pass the time on a somewhat average day in the Bay Area, there seemed something very wrong with this picture!  I wouldn’t say an extreme like Zoo’s are terrible and wrong, and these poor caged animals are being tortured…things you might hear out of other Bay Area residents, but the reality is that these animals live like King’s (and Queen’s to be PC!!).  Look at “Samson” here for example…does he really look like he is being tortured?  He gets brushed about 500 times a day by little kids and parents that love him, and want to play with him…he gets fed surely the very best food that our tax dollars can buy, lives in the very nicest facility our tax dollars can buy, and will live longer than the average sheep as he has onsite medical help virtually 24hrs a day. 

The moral of the story I guess is that we all have a perception of how bad someone, usually ourselves, have it – that maybe we think we got dealt a bad hand, that we deserve more, or that we got the short end of the stick…Reality has a funny way of slapping you in the face – no matter how bad it seems, there is always someone that has it worse! 


What’s it worth to you…

Many of us have an idea of what retirement looks like, or at the very least what our ideal vacation spot looks like!  I have spent some time in multiple exotic locations, most notably Hawaii where my parents both still live.  I can say that I will someday return to Hawaii and probably spend retirement in the sands of Maui.  With that said I recently took a few visits to, ironically, my parents New vacation spot in Lake Shasta.  They, having been in Hawaii for sometime now look at this as their ideal retirement spot, the spot that they want to call home when they have no work to do, or no one to answer to but themselves…Looking from an outside point of view I really like both spots, below is the view from their property and there is no amount of words that can describe the feeling when you wake up in the morning to this view, similarly I could probably same the same about their house in Maui, the ocean waves pounding on shore, the smells of all the various amounts of Hawaiian Fauna that is sitting directly outside in their garden!  Admittedly I can say that the fruits, flowers, and views of Maui are a bit more appealing to me then the location below, although I absolutely love this location for the food (trout and elk to be exact) and the fun that can be had on the Lake and the surrounding Lakes and parks (fishing, hiking, water skiing, golfing).  I guess the point is that we all find different things that appeal to us and really I see it changing throughout my life…I can even say that my parents are great examples, they surely never saw any other spot than Hawaii as their home, however as they grew older and their activities changed so did their love for the island…Now Shasta appeals to them as they can sit on their boat, fish, have a few cocktails and return to their home grill up some fish and enjoy a nice evening of 60’s or so weather rather than the balmy 70-80 degrees they get now!  Find your passion, live it, love it, and follow through with your dreams!!


Nothing like being a kid again…


I came home today and really just wanted to watch the basketball game…somehow the convincing of my daughter had me out on a beautiful day making art out of our driveway.  I realized during my masterpiece that I had detached myself from all the stress of work, the worries of a 7.5month pregnant wife and was completely in a different world.  For that hour or so I was 100% stress free.  The kid in me came out, making me realize that maybe that should be taking place a bit more…I suggest you take time to be a kid again, afterall how much stress is there as a kid!  None!


Back to Basics…

Never Read a book by its Cover..!!!

Interesting point in time…


Interestingly enough I was walking to meet a friend this Sunday morning…typically February is not the best month to be walking around San Francisco yet this particular day happen to be summeresk and actually unusually warm for this time of year.  In my mind was actually nothing about this picture but the Super Bowl game I was about to watch and the amount of alcohol I was about to consume.

When I randomly came across this statue in the middle of what was seemingly not the best neigborhood of San Francisco I was a bit taken back…not to mention I about walked into it as I was in sort of a “zone” planning out my day as I walked to meet up with a few of my friends…

I must have stood staring at this statue for at least 15-20 mins…why, I am not entirely sure.  What I will say is that every once in a while something grabs us and makes some sort of impact on us – which at that moment we may not even know, all we know is that something about that moment in time was special.  I was actually lost to be honest, and had absolutely no intention of even being on this street…I have a pretty large fascination with the Buddhist Culture, no I am not Buddhist, just fascinated by their philosophies…ironic that I stumble across the largest standing statue in San Francisco that day!  By the way I also won an iPad that day also…Interesting point in time indeed.!!!

Where it all Began…

So roughly 8 years ago I set foot on this particular site, my grandparents condo for the weekend, and it was at that point that I realized what I  was missing in the very simple use of a Photo…not to showcase my photography skills, as those are clearly not my forte, rather catching a moment in time.  Capturing a story of a moment, capturing a picture of a thought…Simple really : A photo and a story.  Each time I look as this photo I remember my journey on the island of Maui, where I will eventually return to retire and plant my feet in the sand of Keawakapu Beach.  We all have photos on our phone, and typically our phoneotos, as I call them, tell a story – this particular evening told the story of a young 25yr old finding beauty in a land unknown to him and realizing that this may very well be the new beginning he was looking for!   Many more photos, and stories to tell..!! Until then, All the Best….KL

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