What are you complaining about…seriously!?!

This guy looks pissed doesnt he???

Now when you first look at this picture you might think to yourself “What The F*#@”…Almost as if this Sheep is saying leave me alone baaaaa, I am busy baaaaa, I am locked in a Zoo baaaaa how about you try and sit here for hours, days, and months baaaaa. 

I took my family to the Zoo, then to a local Park to feed the animals.  I thought that, although very entertaining and something to pass the time on a somewhat average day in the Bay Area, there seemed something very wrong with this picture!  I wouldn’t say an extreme like Zoo’s are terrible and wrong, and these poor caged animals are being tortured…things you might hear out of other Bay Area residents, but the reality is that these animals live like King’s (and Queen’s to be PC!!).  Look at “Samson” here for example…does he really look like he is being tortured?  He gets brushed about 500 times a day by little kids and parents that love him, and want to play with him…he gets fed surely the very best food that our tax dollars can buy, lives in the very nicest facility our tax dollars can buy, and will live longer than the average sheep as he has onsite medical help virtually 24hrs a day. 

The moral of the story I guess is that we all have a perception of how bad someone, usually ourselves, have it – that maybe we think we got dealt a bad hand, that we deserve more, or that we got the short end of the stick…Reality has a funny way of slapping you in the face – no matter how bad it seems, there is always someone that has it worse! 



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For the past few years I have been fighting the social media craze, now I am going to embrace it, and use it as a place to be sort of a 21st Century journal of my somewhat warped mind! Enjoy the Ride...

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