About Me

Just your average work-a-holic.  Two kids, about to have a 3rd(please be a boy!!!), awesome wife, dog, cat, and your text book white picket fence two-story house in the ‘burbs.  About a year ago I started this blog as something to do, rather something to take my mind off of work.  I was working 70+hrs a week as a financial advisor and it was killing me!  I missed my kids growing up, missed my wife, and missed doing things with the fam!

I stopped for about a year, not entirely sure why I stopped, but with a new child, new house, new job(s), things got a bit hectic…I know, boo hoo, whoa is me, everyone gets busy, but for whatever reason I found new dedication for work, new firm, and added some other side jobs doing what I do best, Marketing!

Still love to write so I figured I might as well get it out on here, I tried a journal of sorts but my handwriting was so bad that I couldn’t even read my own handwriting!  I also have a little passion for photography, not in the sense that I want to be a photographer, just love to take pictures…think because my memory is so bad that I like to have moments captured in time.  Hope you enjoy!

I play a lot of golf, and spend about 30 days a winter on the mountain skiing, so if I disappear for a while again, I am on the course, on the slopes, or on vacation with my family!  Ciao for now!



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