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Another Day at the Office!

chilling at the beach

Watching Sunset, BBQ’in, and enjoying good company!

They say that a picture says a 1000 words, not to worry I won’t bore you with nearly that many!  I have been fortunate enough to get to travel a bit, and my favorite spot is right here, literally, on this beach.  Keawakapu Beach sits right below my parents house and as big as it is you would think that more people would be here, yet this is typical of a busy afternoon!   I expect to retire at this spot, growing old sitting here drinking some Maui Brewing Company Beer, bbq’ing some fresh Ahi or Ono.  Simple things really appeal to me!  Play golf with the fam, relax at house for a bit, pack up the kids, the cooler, and the chairs and sit here and watch the tourists get pile driven into the sand by the waves that roll into the shore.

The beauty of being in a business that does not require your every day presence is you can wake up early in the morning, grab the laptop, a couple rockstars, the paper (yes I still read it, ironic since i have the laptop in my hands as well), and sit on the beach and “work” for a few hours!  Wife and kids won’t be up for a few hours, so some quiet time, on the beach, alone, and did I mention quiet!

Someday I will come back to retire here, guess i have to put my kids through college or something, guess that’s the deal I signed up for!  Must have been intoxicated when I signed that deal!  Let’s just hope they are much smarter than I and maybe just maybe they will get scholarships and I will skate free of the ridiculous cost of higher education!  For a brief second I had wished that I was home so I could go watch the Open at Olympic, but then I was handed another beer and I continued playing Beach Bocci.  How quickly that thought left my mind!  SF, see you soon.



I’m Back!!!

Been almost a year since my last blog!  Not sure really what happen, I was on a roll!!  Oh wait, I had another baby girl that’s right!  Amazing how life gets in the way!  This morning I went to the driving range, yes more or less playing hookie from work but when you are your own boss you get that luxury!  I sort of rekindled my love for Golf…not that I ever lost it, maybe just the time it took to play took away from the quality family time that I love so much.  However this morning I had thoughts of golf greatness…I was never over the top good at golf, but always been “naturally gifted” at the game.  Not to toot my own horn just the facts, I can count the lessons I have taken on one hand and I can not play for 6 months and still keep it in the 70’s.  I guess part of me regrets not getting more focused on Golf when i was younger, maybe just maybe I would be playing at the Open in a few weeks and not my ole’ Friend Kirk Nelson, or TJ Duncan – Good luck boys this week at Lake Merced btw!

I hit about 500 balls this morning, and could have hit 5000 the way i was striking the ball…as a golfer you get into a zone and the balls just pop off the club face, i was moving balls at will, left to right, right to left, punch, flop, stinger, low cut, high fade, low hook, high draw – and to a target!  I didn’t want to leave, alas I walked over to the putting green and reality sunk in – I still can’t putt!

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