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The Lil One

I was recently at my daughter’s Gymboree class and found that little kids have amazing will!  She has not crawled prior to this day, I suppose you could say that she “inch worms” around, and has a great way of getting around by simply rolling over a few times!  On this day, however, no rolling, just good ole fashion army crawl!  She was fixated on the napkin that I dropped out of my pocket unintentionally and she started crawling!  She stopped a few times, looked at me, looked at the napkin, and started going again.  As if to say “Can I make it?” and she did, and she was happier than could be!


I started looking around at the other kids in the class and it seemed to be a common theme.  I sat there that day and I thought to myself how do people lose this motivation to achieve?  I am probably victim to this, as I assume are most, and I just wonder at what point did we all forget this emotion?  I looked at my wife and i said “She never gives up, does she?”  Her response was a bit odd given the moment and the fact that I had not said a word until that point but she simply said “She can’t, she doesn’t know how to.”  I guess it is our job as parents to keep this mentality present in their lives and more so in our own lives to lead by example.  With that, I guess I have to be more aggressive in my dreams.  How can I give up on my dreams  and teach my daughters how to give up?  Perseverance is being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint.  I have to remember that, and I am not sure I will forget this day for some time!




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