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I’m Back!!!

Been almost a year since my last blog!  Not sure really what happen, I was on a roll!!  Oh wait, I had another baby girl that’s right!  Amazing how life gets in the way!  This morning I went to the driving range, yes more or less playing hookie from work but when you are your own boss you get that luxury!  I sort of rekindled my love for Golf…not that I ever lost it, maybe just the time it took to play took away from the quality family time that I love so much.  However this morning I had thoughts of golf greatness…I was never over the top good at golf, but always been “naturally gifted” at the game.  Not to toot my own horn just the facts, I can count the lessons I have taken on one hand and I can not play for 6 months and still keep it in the 70’s.  I guess part of me regrets not getting more focused on Golf when i was younger, maybe just maybe I would be playing at the Open in a few weeks and not my ole’ Friend Kirk Nelson, or TJ Duncan – Good luck boys this week at Lake Merced btw!

I hit about 500 balls this morning, and could have hit 5000 the way i was striking the ball…as a golfer you get into a zone and the balls just pop off the club face, i was moving balls at will, left to right, right to left, punch, flop, stinger, low cut, high fade, low hook, high draw – and to a target!  I didn’t want to leave, alas I walked over to the putting green and reality sunk in – I still can’t putt!

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