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Never Read a book by its Cover..!!!


Where it all Began…

So roughly 8 years ago I set foot on this particular site, my grandparents condo for the weekend, and it was at that point that I realized what I  was missing in the very simple use of a Photo…not to showcase my photography skills, as those are clearly not my forte, rather catching a moment in time.  Capturing a story of a moment, capturing a picture of a thought…Simple really : A photo and a story.  Each time I look as this photo I remember my journey on the island of Maui, where I will eventually return to retire and plant my feet in the sand of Keawakapu Beach.  We all have photos on our phone, and typically our phoneotos, as I call them, tell a story – this particular evening told the story of a young 25yr old finding beauty in a land unknown to him and realizing that this may very well be the new beginning he was looking for!   Many more photos, and stories to tell..!! Until then, All the Best….KL

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