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Another Day at the Office!

chilling at the beach

Watching Sunset, BBQ’in, and enjoying good company!

They say that a picture says a 1000 words, not to worry I won’t bore you with nearly that many!  I have been fortunate enough to get to travel a bit, and my favorite spot is right here, literally, on this beach.  Keawakapu Beach sits right below my parents house and as big as it is you would think that more people would be here, yet this is typical of a busy afternoon!   I expect to retire at this spot, growing old sitting here drinking some Maui Brewing Company Beer, bbq’ing some fresh Ahi or Ono.  Simple things really appeal to me!  Play golf with the fam, relax at house for a bit, pack up the kids, the cooler, and the chairs and sit here and watch the tourists get pile driven into the sand by the waves that roll into the shore.

The beauty of being in a business that does not require your every day presence is you can wake up early in the morning, grab the laptop, a couple rockstars, the paper (yes I still read it, ironic since i have the laptop in my hands as well), and sit on the beach and “work” for a few hours!  Wife and kids won’t be up for a few hours, so some quiet time, on the beach, alone, and did I mention quiet!

Someday I will come back to retire here, guess i have to put my kids through college or something, guess that’s the deal I signed up for!  Must have been intoxicated when I signed that deal!  Let’s just hope they are much smarter than I and maybe just maybe they will get scholarships and I will skate free of the ridiculous cost of higher education!  For a brief second I had wished that I was home so I could go watch the Open at Olympic, but then I was handed another beer and I continued playing Beach Bocci.  How quickly that thought left my mind!  SF, see you soon.



What’s it worth to you…

Many of us have an idea of what retirement looks like, or at the very least what our ideal vacation spot looks like!  I have spent some time in multiple exotic locations, most notably Hawaii where my parents both still live.  I can say that I will someday return to Hawaii and probably spend retirement in the sands of Maui.  With that said I recently took a few visits to, ironically, my parents New vacation spot in Lake Shasta.  They, having been in Hawaii for sometime now look at this as their ideal retirement spot, the spot that they want to call home when they have no work to do, or no one to answer to but themselves…Looking from an outside point of view I really like both spots, below is the view from their property and there is no amount of words that can describe the feeling when you wake up in the morning to this view, similarly I could probably same the same about their house in Maui, the ocean waves pounding on shore, the smells of all the various amounts of Hawaiian Fauna that is sitting directly outside in their garden!  Admittedly I can say that the fruits, flowers, and views of Maui are a bit more appealing to me then the location below, although I absolutely love this location for the food (trout and elk to be exact) and the fun that can be had on the Lake and the surrounding Lakes and parks (fishing, hiking, water skiing, golfing).  I guess the point is that we all find different things that appeal to us and really I see it changing throughout my life…I can even say that my parents are great examples, they surely never saw any other spot than Hawaii as their home, however as they grew older and their activities changed so did their love for the island…Now Shasta appeals to them as they can sit on their boat, fish, have a few cocktails and return to their home grill up some fish and enjoy a nice evening of 60’s or so weather rather than the balmy 70-80 degrees they get now!  Find your passion, live it, love it, and follow through with your dreams!!


Where it all Began…

So roughly 8 years ago I set foot on this particular site, my grandparents condo for the weekend, and it was at that point that I realized what I  was missing in the very simple use of a Photo…not to showcase my photography skills, as those are clearly not my forte, rather catching a moment in time.  Capturing a story of a moment, capturing a picture of a thought…Simple really : A photo and a story.  Each time I look as this photo I remember my journey on the island of Maui, where I will eventually return to retire and plant my feet in the sand of Keawakapu Beach.  We all have photos on our phone, and typically our phoneotos, as I call them, tell a story – this particular evening told the story of a young 25yr old finding beauty in a land unknown to him and realizing that this may very well be the new beginning he was looking for!   Many more photos, and stories to tell..!! Until then, All the Best….KL

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